Available during Late Night until Close

Starting 9:30pm on Weeknights and 10:30pm on Weekends

Dunbar Dog – Bacon wrapped Tender Belly Berkshire pork hot dog, jalapeno cream cheese served with housemade tortilla chips 6.50

Purebred Hot Dog – Tender Belly Berkshire pork hot dog served with housemade tortilla chips  4.50

Late Night Queso – housemade white queso dip and tortilla chips  5.95

Chips & Salsa - housemade tortilla chips 4.00


The Basic – Montucky Cold Snack and a Shot of Well Whiskey or Tequila  6

The Baller – Epic Blue Ski Lager and a Shot of Buffalo Trace Bourbon or Espolon Tequila  8

House Wine – Radio Boca Verdejo (White) or Farmhouse (Red) 6oz pour 5

New Points Sour - Buffalo Trace Bourbon, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, sour beer topper 5

Well Mixed Drinks - starting at 3.95