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Q: What are your hours?
A: We open weekdays at 11AM for lunch and weekends at 10AM for brunch. We typically close at 10PM Sun – Thurs and 11PM Fri & Sat.

Q: Do you close any days?
A: The days we are always closed are July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve at 4PM and Christmas Day. We do occasionally close for private parties, employee meetings or unforeseen incidents beyond our control such as power outages etc.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in the heart of Five Points at 2844 Welton St Denver, CO 80205.

Q: Can I make a reservation?
A: We do not accept reservations. Instead we offer a waitlist option through OpenTable similar to call ahead seating. We suggest using this feature or calling us before heading over to have your name placed on the wait list if we have one at the time. 

Q: I have a large group or want a private party. Who do I contact?
A: Please contact the restaurant by email or by phone 720.630.7641 and leave a message for Charles and Rachel with all of your details including name, number, email, # of guests expected, date and time you are planning. We will reach out with details about hosting your group or private event.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: We are not always hiring. We are always looking for great people. If you are interested in working at Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House, please drop off a resumé at the restaurant or email it to

Q: What kind of food do you serve?
A: We serve an eclectic mix of upscale American bar and pub food with some healthy…ish options floated in for good measure. Please view our complete menu. Many items can be altered to be vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. 

Q: Do you have gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options?
A: We offer a variety of options for all dinners. Many items can be adjusted to fit vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets.

Q: Is this an appropriate place for children?
A: We are a neighborhood pub and welcoming of families and kids. We have many families that are here often with their children. We offer a kid’s menu for 10 and under and even provide fruit and veggies as side options! The restaurant can be very busy at times, so we kindly ask to please keep a watchful eye on the kiddos; no running, jumping, climbing on furniture, throwing of rocks etc.; in general, all the basic stuff of keeping your child and other guests safe. We would hate to have a serious accident.

Q: Do you show sports?
A: We have 2 TVs that are almost always on some sort of sports. During football season the Broncos are always shown with sound. We make every effort to accommodate requests for games. These are shown on a first come first serve basis when available.

Q: Do you have live music?
A: We have a line-up of local artists that rotate playing Thursday nights. Each offers a unique list from their own catalog of music. Sometimes guitar, sometimes keyboards, sometimes multiple instruments. During Thursday music we also offer $3 specials on all regularly priced cans of craft and domestic beers. Check out the music calendar here.

Q: How can I get updates about events?
A: Following us on Facebook is the best way. Our events calendar is updated on a regular basis and we also post notifications of upcoming fun food and drink specials.

Parking - Parking out front is free for 2 hours until 4PM with no time limit in the evening.

Carry out - We offer carry out orders placed by phone only. We do not work with any delivery companies. You will be quoted a time based on the volume of business we are experiencing when you call. 

Allergies and dietary restrictions - We work as best as we can to work around all allergies and dietary needs. If you have any questions when ordering please ask. We will work as hard as we can to make sure you have an enjoyable meal.

Menu changes - Dunbar makes food menu changes at least seasonally and sometimes more often based on guest response and product availability. Some items make a return each year and others do not. If you have a favorite ask about it and we can let you know. Beer changes more often; sometimes three or four times a day. We try to keep our list as updated as possible. Please check the website or Untappd for the most recent updates.

Q: Do you allow dogs?
A: We do allow dogs in certain locations on the patio. Please see our Dog FAQs to answer all of your questions about your furry friend’s visit.

Dog Policy 

The Denver Health Department has very specific and strict guidelines regarding dogs in food service areas. Dogs and owners must obey all posted rules. PLEASE don’t be the one that spoils the fun for everybody else. We’re pleased be one of the only places in Denver to offer this benefit to our guests so we must keep in compliance in order to be able to continue to provide this unique atmosphere. 

We kindly request that you do not lie about the status of your dog in order to gain entrance into an area where they are not allowed. We feel very strongly about the rights that are provided by the ADA for the benefit of the truly disabled in need of this valuable service. Do not selfishly disgrace these hard working animals or their owners with blatant disrespect for the rules intended to serve them in a fair and equitable manner. 


What a service animal IS – Per the American with Disabilities Act – “A service animal is any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Service animals are working animals, NOT PETS.” 

What a service animal IS NOT – your pet, a companion animal, an unregistered animal, an emotional support animal, a non-service animal with a vest that reads erroneously reads “service animal,” crime prevention, service animals in training; any animal that does not meet the exact ADA definition of a service animal. 

What defines a “well behaved” dog? No excessive barking, no threatening or aggressive behavior, no jumping, no disturbing other guests, no digging, no climbing on tables or chairs, no curbing (that’s peeing or pooping folks) and other behaviors that could cause injury or distress to any other dogs, guests or employees. 

Q: Where is my dog allowed?
A: Your dog is allowed in a specific area on the patio defined but what we fondly call “the puppy line.” This line is a colorful line of arrows and dog bones. Dogs must be kept behind this line at all times. It marks the distance from the food service entrance that we are required to maintain for health department regulations. Your dog must also be under your direct command with a leash. 

Q: What if there are no available seats?
A: You and your dog will have to wait your turn. We do not offer reservations for tables so a call ahead to get the lay of the land would be best. This is still not a guarantee that a table will be available when you arrive. 

Q: What happens during bad weather?
A: Regardless of weather, dogs are only allowed in the specific dog area. Please plan for this accordingly if bad weather is approaching or is happening. Your only option may be to return the animal to a home or vehicle. Animals MUST NOT be left unattended outside at any time. 

Q: What if my dog is causing an issue?
A: If the dog is causing an issue in violation of health department rules, Dunbar rules or with a guest or employee in general, the dog will have to be removed. Please, only well-behaved dogs on the patio. We don’t want to ask that the dog be removed any more than you want to have to take your furry friend home from a fun day out. 

Q: What if something happens to a guest?
A: By entering our dog space with your dog you are agreeing to follow all the rules written and unwritten regarding what is safe behavior. You as the dog owner will be held responsible for any incident or accident that occurs with guest or employee. DO NOT LEAVE! Your personal information should be exchanged. We will gladly make a copy of your IDs etc. We will phone for emergency services if needed. Dunbar will accept no responsibility if your animal causes something unsafe to occur. 

Q: What if my dog goes to the bathroom?
A: We sincerely hope that any dog you bring would be trained since only well-behaved animals are allowed on the patio. Should your dog go to the bathroom please notify a staff member immediately. We can provide you with a “pooper scooper” and a bag. We will follow up with a sanitizer and bleach water treatment. 

Q: What if I don’t have a leash?
A: You will not be allowed to bring your dog in without a leash. 

Q: Can my dog sit in my lap?
A: Dogs are allowed on the ground only. Your dog may not sit in your lap. 

Q: Can a dog be on the table, bench or chair?
A: Dogs are allowed on the ground only. No dogs on the furniture or your lap please. 

Q: What if my dog is thirsty or hungry?
A: Let us know. We have water bowls for the pups. Feel free to order a burger patty or grilled chicken for your friend. 

Q: Can the staff pet/play with my dog?
A: As many pet owners as we have at Dunbar working staff members are forbidden from touching or playing with your dog. This is a health department regulation intended to protect against the spread of germs in a sanitized service environment. 

Alternate Situations We would love to be magic and have amazing super powers; alas we are not and cannot predict what situations will actually happen in the future. Please know that we may sometimes have to make a judgement call based on rules and policies. Just because an action is not specifically noted does not absolve the dog or its owner of responsibility. We (Dunbar) reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any time if we feel that behavior is not in line with or in the spirit of the rules. We’re all here to have fun. Nobody wants to be the one to ruin that for everybody.